A lot of things are happening in France

  • February 23, 2014 13:59

While corporate greedy capitalists speak about Ukraine or some other country, in the heart of western imperialism, people are protesting. Calendar of events can be seen here.
noairportOn Saturday Feb.22, 2014 French police clashed with people in Nantes, six police officers were injured (photo 1, 2, 3, 4). About 20,000 people protestied against plans to build an airport (should be opened by 2017) in Notre Dame des Landes, near Nantes. Police says about 1000 protesters were militant, 4 people were detained. Airport plan is project of Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, a Nantes native. One more time it is visible how much politicians have no contact with people and their needs, politicians represent business and not people. Big projects are chance for politicians to setup contract with companies that will share money with politicians under the table. They steal money from budget of the country, therefore they imagine projects which people don’t need. In any case, here is video about shops destroyed by angry birds:

Statement from organizers:
(Source) There were 63 bus from all regions of France, twice more than in the human chain. This is the sign of a national mobilization and connection between Notre Dame des Landes and other struggles against large and imposed unnecessary projects. There were between 50 and 60 000 people, more than in the event of reoccupation of 17 November 2012. This is the largest movement of mobilization. The parade was festive, creative and determined, with batukadas, salamanders, newts giants, animal masks to mark the refusal of the destruction of protected species and so-called compensation measures. Catch words and events were held until 18h square Daviais.
The prefecture had chosen to produce problems and prevent us from being visible in the city center. This is the first time we got banned demonstration. A part of the protest passed through the Beaulieu island. Another tried to go through the route originally planned and faced violent police repression, shooting with rubber bullets, tear gas and stun grenades. This has not prevented the demonstrators to remain in mass in the streets of Nantes until the end. There are different ways for people to express themselves. The government is deaf to the anti-airport protest, it is not surprising that some anger is expressed.
This day is a success and the various components of the fight remain united on the ground. The opposition is growing for 30 years. The government has no choice but to abandon the airport project!
Vehicle of SPIE burst into flames
News from Indymedia Nantes: On the night of February 11-February 12, 2014, a vehicle of SPIE burst into flames, on Carducci street (ΧΙΧe). SPIE is involved in the nuclear industry, in the optical fiber digital network and in the “1,000 cameras” plan, in the city of Paris. For these reasons, it must be attacked everywhere, all the time.
Calais: Fascists mobilise against squatters
Last week people squatted/occupied a farm house in Coulogne and since Feb.16 groups of up to 50 fascists and angry neighbours have had almost a constant presence outside the building. The fascist’s actions this week have ranged from shouting insults at the people inside, throwing rocks, fireworks and standing there for hours on end. At 7am on Tuesday morning three fascists, who had been out drinking all night tried to break into the squat with a sledge hammer. Two of them were arrested. Members of the demonstration have also been recorded making death threats against migrants. The fascists ‘Sauvons Calais’ facebook account has been used to mobilise people to descend on the squat.
The squat became visible last week and the squatters have gained legal status for their occupation. As the days have gone on it seems that the number of fascists coming is increasing. The situation is getting more hostile rather than calming down.
Anticolonial Week in France
From Feb. 14 to March 3, there is Anticolonial Week in Paris. Program is here: http://www.anticolonial.net/spip.php?article2934
Today from 1:30p.m to 6 p.m. there will be talking, music and movies with syndicates from: Kanaky, Pays Basque, Corse, Bretagne, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane. After 6:30 there will be projection of movie and discussion, UPC presents: “Cameroon, autopsy of independence“.
Tomorrow, Monday, 18 o’clock, there will be movie: “Roma: The latest target of an authorized racism“.
Tuesday Feb.25, there will be discussion “Community Media, an alternative in terms of information?” Address: Espace Jean-Dame, 17 rue Léopold-Bellan, Paris 75002.

5 anarchists sentenced in Denmark for arsons

  • December 22, 2013 21:00

Judges that work for secret service in the Eastern High Court (Østre Landsrets, Bredgade 59, Copenhagen) on Thursday 12 December 2013 made one more political sentencing like in Burma dictatorship. It is question how they arrested them for one act but charged them for many other things, usually people use balaclava when they go to attack something, so, even cameras can’t recognize their faces, it is question if they spoke about all of it when they were bugged and videotaped but even mentioning something doesn’t mean anything without material proof and details (if the court follow the law, but judges kissed in ass secret service). Prosecutor was Bo Bjerregaard and “analyst” from secret service was cand.scient.pol. Jesper Jespersen who spoke almost 30 minutes about anarchist standpoints about the state, about black bloc, etc. I suppose it is this idiot: http://rucforsk.ruc.dk/site/da/persons/jesper-jespersen%2832688fb3-c5d5-4cd1-a4aa-8c134535f417%29.html
He said also that this boys are influenced by Alexander Berkman book “ABC of Anarchism“.
In any case, when child of politician kill an immigrant, he get 8 years of prison and after 4 years he is free man but when anarchists burn property and nobody died, they get 7 years of prison. That’s the face and purpose of the state, to secure privileges for privileged, riches created states, not slaves. So, this December, 5 young anarchists in Copenhagen are sentenced, 2 of them got 7 years of prison and 3 others got 1 year and 9 months. It is harder sentence than sentence decided by district court before one year in Dec.2012 when one man got 6 years and 6 months and second one 4 years of prison, the rest got the same one year and 9 months.
Even one year and 9 months is too much for attempted, but not successful, arson at the Police Academy in Brøndby. They were arrested by secret service before they succeeded to burn anything. They were bugged and videotaped in Christiania for 6 weeks, obviously somebody near to them betrayed them. PJ, TH, DP and AC spoke according to the indictment during the meetings in Freetown also to attack, among other Christiansborg, the Ministry of Integration, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, frikirken Faderhuset and the Life Guards buildings at King’s Garden in Copenhagen. They wanted also to attack shipping company Maersk and companies dealing with genetically engineered products. They were charged also for terrorism but judges refused to sentence them for that.
Two of them – PJ and FP were accused of having participated in the following activities, by the way, FP has been in custody since May 2011, he is also sentenced to pay one million DKK for damage:
17 April 2010: two Molotov cocktails thrown against Copenhagen Fur in Glostrup. It was attempt, they didn’t hit the building and one worker extinguished fire.
14 May 2010: Flammable liquid ignited at the Police Academy in Brøndbyøster. Police cars were set on fire on the parking lot too. The damage reached about two million DKK (260 000 euro).
23-24th August: Action against Copenhagen Fur, damage about 50,000 DKK. The company itself was not on fire.
20 September 2010: Flammable liquid ignited 4 sites at the fur company Pelsbox Danmarks building in Herlev. Damage about 1.5 million.
27 October 2010: Flammable liquid was thrown through a window and ignited with molotov at food company Nestlé in Copenhagen. Damage was at least two million.
10 November 2010: Molotov cocktail and flammable liquid thrown through the window to the fur company Saga Fur in Vedbæk. Damage 1.7 million.
8 December 2010: Can with gasoline thrown through the window and ignited at PET (secret service) in Søborg. Damage about three million.
11 January 2011: Several vehicles and a building was attacked with flammable liquid at police data center in Hvidovre. Damage was about 200,000 crowns.
14 January 2011: According to police, the accused would use gasoline and a torch to set fire to Nordea’s branch on Strandgade in Copenhagen. It failed.
6 April 2011: They set fire to the Greek Embassy in Copenhagen. Damage was 300 000 DKK.
4 members of the group, PJ, TH, DP and AC, were arrested on 26 April 2011 when they tried to burn police academy in Brønby. Police waited for them, later they confessed that they would set fire to the Police Academy in Brøndby. The four explained that the action was an expression of a personal confrontation with police. The fifth defendant has refused to speak to police and in court.

Rote Flora – 7000 supporters protested on Saturday in Hamburg

  • December 22, 2013 20:47

roteflora21.12.2013More than 7,000 people took to the street in a march on Saturday against the eviction of the popular Rote Flora center in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel District.
The violence erupted when riot police armed with pepper spray and batons hindered the march. Protesters answered by pelting the police officers with rocks, bottles and fireworks.
Police retaliated by using water cannons to disperse the crowd, of whom many belonged to leftist and anarchist groups.
During the clashes, numerous shop fronts were smashed and several cars and garbage bins were set on fire.
It was not known how many protesters were injured in the clashes. Some 19 people were said to have been arrested.

Eine erste Betrachtung des 21.12. in Hamburg aus autonomer Sicht.
Die Bullen sind Schweine. Sich daran abzuarbeiten, ist ebenso überflüssig wie sinnlos. Es geht lediglich um die Frage, wie ihr Handeln effektiv bekämpft und eingegrenzt werden kann. Die Erfahrung der Ohnmacht hat sich tief eingegraben in den Köpfen der Bewohner des Empires – auch in jenem Teil der Population, der sich die Aufhebung des Bestehenden zum Ziel gesetzt hat. Ein beträchtlicher Teil davon hat sich am 21.11. in Hamburg versammelt. Wir wollen einige erste Überlegungen und unvollständigen Beobachtungen veröffentlichen, um einen Beitrag zu Debatte darüber zu leisten, wie wir diese Ohnmacht in unser konkreten Praxis überwinden können. (click below to read more)

Images of Gestapo snitches

  • July 2, 2013 12:20

Fascists still continue with their mixing in private life of immigrants. Last night they brought some idiot from mental hospital, walking without shoes already 50 years, first he said he is from Zürich, then from Vienna, he knows all border checkpoints in Slovenia, as I said to other Hitler snitches that I am from that country. I know only 2 border villages in my country, he knows 6 border points in Slovenia. Idiot is amateur, only cops are obsessed with names of border checkpoints. They prepared him before they sent him to speak with me. Beside it, where I move, he followed me, man is total idiot. They are lucky that criminals don’t give me gun to shut them down, all in one minute. But domestic criminals don’t have problem with domestic racists, racists make problems for immigrants, not for domestic people. 10 Hitler snitches come every day in place I sleep, I could kill them all with gun. Fascists overcrowd place for sleeping, there is no place for users of such places because they send 10 rats and place is not so big. Bastards are lucky but we will see for how long. As I said earlier, Hitler snitches got time to play games, it means also to collect information about me, they can misuse it to keep me longer time in the prison. Instead to be hunted it is better to become hunter, but it is not possible because of selfish people who don’t want to give one gun for free. Beside it, people from my country know many people and they could find somebody to give me honest job, to collect money to buy a gun, after that they don’t have any responsibility for my decisions. But obviously Hitler Gestapo don’t let them to give me job, in the end, it is ideology, immigrant must be represented as bad and not as honest worker, if I refuse job from Hitler idiots, again they will make propaganda that immigrant doesn’t want to work (that’s what their snitches speak about Romanians, but young and strong Africans are also without job, not only Romanians). One month work and I can save 1000 euro, that’s enough to travel to south Europe and buy a gun. Croatia is now EU, I don’t think that gun cost there more than 500 euro, it is already 2-3 times more expensive than Bosnia. If I cross border with Bosnia, gun would cost me 150 euro. It would be good to work 2-3 months and then to go south. Or to kill one snitch and that’s all. But 10 is better than one. If there is no job from people from my country, because of Hitler idiots, I will have to kill at least one rat. Better anything than nothing, they will arrest me before or later in any case, they will not give up from their Breivik ideology. Fascists pretend they are good, but it is just public mask, obviously I had sympathy from somebody from political party, Gestapo automatically brought their idiots from Asia to fly around me last week, to abolish any sympathy in political party, now they continue with their Hitler games. The worse is they use immigrants to snitch immigrants and even if I kill one immigrant snitch, they don’t give a shit, they have many of them, they just misuse them and give them money for betrayal, but they don’t care if they finish dead. Fascists care about domestic snitches. In any case, I asked cops in Germany to send me back my camera, I am already weak with money, they don’t answer already 5-6 days, they don’t want to give it back. Therefore, here is my small revenge for their stealing camera from me and other shit they produced for me. It is time to publish photos of rats, not only at this blog because not all people read this blog, German fighters for freedom should get photos of rats, so, they can be aware if they see them around. You can click on photo to see it bigger.

andreas and orleans
On the left side is Andreas from Poland, on the right side Orleans from Ghana. Gestapo included snitches in the place I slept in Hamburg. The both of them kissed in ass German Gestapo although they didn’t produce some private problems (conflict) for me.

marian and norbert
On the left side is Marian from Romania, he hates Muslims and believed that I am Muslim, I had problem with him 2-3 months, conflicts very often. Another man is Norbert from Poland, he has similar characters like rats, he was connected with Gestapo and produced problems several times even I borrowed him money. Possibly Polish rats from embassy who collaborate with German gestapo told him to cooperate with Germans, Gestapo made my case international, they mixed other countries in my life. Possibly they wanted to make themselves bigger in eyes of other countries but in reality, people will laugh when they make paranoia about an poor immigrant. Unfortunately, many countries get money from western fascist gov and therefore they cooperate with them against immigrants. In any case, Romania and Poland will disturb somebody’s private life because they get money from western fascists.

norbert and armin
On the right side beside Norbert is Armin, German Gestapo rat. Even Marian and others said Armin is racist, but for me, he is racist snitch. He helps to Gestapo to snitch immigrants, he works in Cafe Mit Herz in Hamburg where come many poor Africans, Polish and other immigrants. They imposed plastic card with photo for every visitor, it means many showed ID (personal information) and gave a photo and it is enough to check Interpol and so on. Fascists pretend they are good, but in fact, they snitch people with different nationality, they don’t care to check domestic junkie. I had several times problems with Armin, he made problem without reason, just to kiss in ass Gestapo. Private problems has aim to push an immigrant out from their country, they can snitch me million years and they will not find anything related to terrorism, except if they fabricate something.

steffan and norbert
On the left side is Steffan, stereotypical German patriot and alcoholic, totally quiet when he is not drunk and crazy when he is drunk. He was connected with Gestapo but later calmed down when he understood that they play dirty games, so, although he didn’t like me, he didn’t produce some problems. Just blabla against me with other people. In any case, if Gestapo asks him to snitch, he will do it.

Clemensa Alimaus
Sound comic, but it is not, this old woman (Clemensa) is for me more dangerous for society than any above mentioned immigrant snitch. She is true racist although she hide it, she is connected with secret service and with police. She brings cops to watch faces of immigrants when poor immigrants come to eat in Alimaus, restaurant of her associations. She is original like Germans before 50 years, always ready to kiss in ass government and to work against immigrants. When she got information I spoke with 19 years old girl, she convinced her that I am pedo and next time girl behaved like child, so, I understood what happened. Old racist bitch will get heart attack if German mix with immigrant.

Here is one snitch

  • May 28, 2013 14:19

Yesterday Gestapo snitches became crazy after I made photo of their snitch, that’s nightmare for snitches 🙂 Fascists are always stupid and they wil be always stupid, they just kiss in ass government and therefore they can make shit for people who have different nationality, color of skin and religion. Next week I will publish more photos after I go out from Germany. When I finish work with PC in the library, snitches always take phone to inform other snitches that I am coming down so they can prepare themselves to follow me outside. So, this time I took photo of one Gestapo whore who work against society in order to get diploma and career for herself. Down is her photo. By the way, before 2 weeks they were trying to set me up their prostitutes (not this one) in order to spy me. Realy stupid. But some idiots from Asia are even more stupid when they copy the same thing what Gestapo is doing. Instead that somebody take me with enduro motorcycle in the nature, they just fly around and that’s all they do already 3 years. They help to fascists to make paranoia about immigrants, they do what fascists would like that they do instead to do what I want. Somebody among them is traitor and they play games, they will never do what I want than they will kiss in ass those who will bombard their country in the future. But anyway, here is the photo of Gestapo snitch, you see here around you anytime in your life, scare her or be aware of Gestapo:Gestapo rat

Example of racist journalism in Denmark

  • April 11, 2012 10:48

Well, last evening I saw one example of racist journalism and I am sure this journalist Howard Knowles (on the photo) is working for Danish fascist political police. I found articles of the same journalist where he speak about spying and that was enough to conclude: blabla against immigrants + blabla against communist spies from the time of cold war = racist journalist who got job from political police. Racism is systematically spread in colonialist countries and Denmark was through history colonialist country and it is not changed today. All energy countries are attacked by colonialists, Denmark among other international robbers.
1) Knowles already in the smaller title made racist statement: Foreign thieves plague Copenhagen stores. At this point is important to say that foreign criminals can not compare with domestic ones because domestic crimis are always in bigger number, prisons are still with majority of Danish population even fascist political police is trying to arrest more and more immigrants in order to make propaganda against us. So, arrested and imprisoned people are in bigger number Danes because there are 5 million Danes and not so many immigrants. Therefore, they can find some small criminality where majority of act is done by immigrants but criminal market in every country is in hands of domestic criminals. If someone want to be racist, he can say that in Serbia majority of thieves are Gypsies (pickpockets) but that’s just racism and nothing more than it, the whole criminal market is in hands of Serbs and not Gypsies. Gypsies are totally unimportant in the world of criminality but racists can misuse pickpocketing to speak against Gypsies. Here is one more important thing to say: Gypsies in Serbia and immigrants in Denmark have no chance to get job, to get job in Denmark is much more profitable for Gypsies from Romania than to be thieves. That’s what Knowles doesn’t want to publish, the cause of stealing is racism in job market. Danes will refuse to give job to immigrants with hope that immigrants will go to ask for job in other country (Sweden for example). But people don’t go anywhere, they stay, during summer they sleep in parks and they steal during the day. Such low level of criminality is result of racism in job market.
2) After initial information about increasing of stealing, Knowles asked racist spokesman of security companies G4S who said that they caught 80% more thieves than previous year and of course he used chance to speak against immigrants. He said that “he’s never experienced anything like it, citing a dramatic increase in thieves from eastern Europe and Africa, and called on the police to increase their efforts”. He called also for bigger sentences/punishments for immigrants. Of course police spokesman saved ass of cops saying that police should not do anything more than usual and prized work of G4S. All this details show systematically written articles against immigrants: topic is chosen in racist way, statement in article is done in racist way, there is drama (making paranoia) about immigrants, co-speakers in article are chosen and possibly asked in racist way and therefore they gave racist answers. Journalists represent talking of others as they want when they make article. If someone check if this journalists work for political police, I am sure result would be that Knowles got job from PET connections to work in newspaper and to make articles there as political police need it.
Here is the full article: http://www.b.dk/english/shoplifters-of-the-world-unite
Shoplifters of the world unite
Foreign thieves plague Copenhagen stores
Af Howard Knowles, 10 april 2012, 15:37
Retailers on the capital’s fashionable Strøget (walking street) are being forced to hire private security guards to deal with a massive increase in shoplifting. Over the past five years, the amount of shop-related theft has risen by 56 per cent, to 5,267 reported cases in 2011, according to the latest Statistics Denmark figures and shops on the walking street have become prime targets. During the first three months of 2012, private security firms nabbed 456 thieves, 80 per cent more than the same period last year. A spokesman for the G4S security company said he’s never experienced anything like it, citing a dramatic increase in thieves from eastern Europe and Africa, and called on the police to increase their efforts.
“Shoplifters are usually given no more than a slap on the wrist and a DKK 1,000 fine, which doesn’t have any preventive effect,” he said.
Head of Copenhagen Police Johan Reimann confirmed the growing problem of east European criminals who come her to steal but rejected that the police should be doing more. He said: “I don’t believe a 56 per cent increase is that bad. It shows that private security firms, who we enjoy excellent cooperation with, are doing a good job.”

The US & EU crimes – part two

  • April 9, 2012 12:51

British colonialism in Australia – British colonisation of Australia began with the arrival of the First Fleet in Botany Bay in 1788. In 1968 Professor W. E. H. “Bill” Stanner, an Australian anthropologist, argued that the writing of Australian history was incomplete. He asserted that Australian national history as documented up to that point had largely been presented in a positive light, but that Indigenous Australians had been virtually ignored. He saw this as a structural and deliberate process to omit “several hundred thousand Aborigines who lived and died between 1788 and 1938. Interpretations of Aboriginal history became part of the wider political debate sometimes called the ‘culture wars’ during the tenure of the Coalition government from 1996–2007. This debate extended into a controversy over the way history was presented in the National Museum of Australia and in high school history curricula. It also migrated into the general Australian media. After the introduction of the word genocide in the 1940s by Raphael Lemkin, Lemkin himself and most comparative scholars of genocide and many general historians, such as Robert Hughes, Ward Churchill, Leo Kuper and Jared Diamond, basing their analysis on previously published histories, present the extinction of the Tasmanian Aborigines as a text book example of a genocide. Smallpox (variola vera) was also misued by British colonists to exterminate native population. In 1983, Professor Noel Butlin, an economic historian, suggested: “it is possible and, in 1789, likely, that infection of the Aborigines was a deliberate extermination act”. There is also detailed findings set out in the 1997 Bringing Them Home (680 page) report into the Stolen Generation, which documented the removal of Aboriginal children from their families by Australian State and Federal government agencies and church missions. By 1900 the recorded Indigenous population of Australia had declined to approximately 93,000. From First World War they were mixed with mainstream society and from 1960 they got right to vote and they participated in sport but it doesn’t meant that they are not discriminated anymore. Colonialism and racism come together. in 2007, government misused children to justify racism against natives. Conservative Prime Minister John Howard and Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough launched the Northern Territory National Emergency Response, in response to the Little Children are Sacred Report into allegations of child abuse among indigenous communities. The government banned alcohol in prescribed communities in the Territory; quarantined a percentage of welfare payments for essential goods purchasing; dispatched additional police and medical personnel to the region; and suspended the permit system for access to indigenous communities. In 2010, a United Nations Special Rapporteur, found the Emergency Response to be racially discriminatory. The Intervention has continued under the Rudd/Gillard Labor Government.
Here is an example of problems for natives caused by colonialism and racism: In 1935, an Australian of part Indigenous descent left his home on the local reserve to visit a nearby hotel where he was ejected for being Aboriginal. He returned home but was refused entry to the reserve because he was not Aboriginal. He attempted to remove his children from the reserve but was told he could not because they were Aboriginal. He then walked to the next town where he was arrested for being an Aboriginal vagrant and sent to the local reserve. During World War II he tried to enlist but was rejected because he was an Aborigine so he moved to another state where he enlisted as a non-Aborigine. After the end of the war he applied for a passport but was rejected as he was an Aborigine, he obtained an exemption under the Aborigines Protection Act but was now told he could no longer visit his relatives as he was not an Aborigine. He was later told he could not join the Returned Servicemens Club because he was an Aborigine.

The US & EU crimes – part one

  • March 24, 2012 18:59

Neoliberal idiots and other capitalist morons always and everywhere make ideological discussions and when they don’t have any argument against communism, they speak about crimes done by communists. And indeed, it is much easier to find information about numbers of people killed by Stallin than by USA/EU. First, Stallin did it before 80 years when kings in the west killed people without mercy. Beside it, numbers of killed people is different at different sources. So, documented death caused by Stallin are 3 million people but right wing sources (who hate communists) go to the 60 millions. Beside it, USA/EU sanctions against Iraq brought 1.5 million people to death and half of it were children, how many people have information about it? In any case, it is very stupid to misuse victims for ideological discussion today about capitalism and communism, it doesn’t matter who killed more, the both sides killed crowd of people. But because all people know what communists did, and because of harder situation to find the truth about western crimes, I decided to research such topic and to publish information. I don’t think it is good if people forget all victims of colonialism and present occupations of energy countries (Iraq, Libya, etc) which is done by their western governments. Instead to make conflicts who killed more people, it is better that people get information and to protest against their governments in capitalist and in communist countries. Crimes are done even now during we read or write something. So, stand up and protest against war if you are really against mass murders. Is it not contradiction that people hate criminals who break in one house or kill one person while they give a vote for their government which killed crowd of people? That’s why government control medias and education, medias and schools help to the government to control members of society from childhood.
But let’s go. Capitalism started in different countries in different periods, beginning of capitalism is moment of so called bourgeois revolutions (from 16-19 century), period of fight of bankers and traders against feuds and kings. Of course, bankers had to promise a lot of things to the poor to stand up and fight against feuds and kings but later they cheated poor people. Logically, if first revolution started in 16 century, it means that bourgeois is created much earlier and they organized themselves during the time. Therefore, crimes of bourgeois belong to capitalist crimes and I can include here crimes done by western countries from the end of 15 century.  (click link below to read more)

Swedish politicians profit from robbing energy countries

  • March 13, 2012 11:29

If you want to know how to bring Sweden to bankruptcy and stop them to participate in wars, just eliminate the main people from Lundin company and Saab Bofors company. Saab is producing weapons and they sell it to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and many other pro-American dictatorships. Saab helps fuel wars and conflicts, contribute to human rights violations, to poverty and underdevelopment, Saab strengthens dictatorships. Swedish exports of defense equipment increased in 2010 to 13.7 billion kronor ($2.15 billion), 29 percent of export went to a group of 20 countries including Pakistan (1.3 billion kronor), UAE (804 million kronor), India (696 million kronor), Thailand (498 million kronor) and Saudi Arabia (246 million kronor). Statistics made public in 2012 show that one-fifth of arms exports go to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia alone is allowed to purchase arms from Sweden for 2.9 billion kronor, equal to one-fifth of the total export, a record 13.9 billion kronor. Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan, as well as the United Arab Emirates in eighth place, these countries alone received 60 percent of Swedish arms exports.
But there is also one more evil company in Sweden named Lundin. And if you ask yourself why Sweden send soldiers to energy countries, here is the answer: Over half of Sweden’s government ministers have shares in investment funds that put money into Sweden-based oil giant Lundin Petroleum. 13 of Sweden’s 24 ministers own shares in funds that finance Lundin Petroleum. Among those involved are prime minister Fredrick Reinfeldt, foreign minister Carl Bildt and EU minister Birgitta Ohlsson. Lundin Petroleum has come under fire on several occasions, notably after they allegedly broke international law with crimes against humanity in South Sudan between 1997 and 2003. Some blogs say that Carl Bildt was sitting in board of Lundin Petroleum in that time. We can conclude now why Sweden setup raping to Julian Assange and why they want to deport him to America: Carld Bildt is profit from oil companies and Wikileaks damaged wars for oil. And it is not only about politicians, who would bankrupt if Lundin bankrupt, population of Sweden participate in financing of Lundin too. Swedish savings, investment and pension funds hold Lundin shares, private Swedish pension invest in Lundin. Now you see why you should be against saving money in banks and why you should be against your pension fund, they invest money in dirty business and all of them profit from it. If Lundin bankrupt, Swedish politicians will bankrupt and Swedish pension system too and many other who invested their money in this company. If Muslims want to liberate themselves from wars and western robbers, they must develop different strategy, instead of stupid bombs in the metro and instead of fight in domestic territory, Muslims should bring war to the headquarters of western corporations, Muslims should attack heads of corporations. Serbs fought against NATO in Serbia, Libyans fought in Libya, Iraqis in Iraq and people from Afghanistan in their country, that’s was mistake, war should be brought to corporations. Corporations profit from war, they stand behind wars, they are government in the shadow. Politicians sell themselves to corporations and they even invest money in corporations, so, they have personal profit from robbing energy countries.

Loggers burned Amazon tribe girl alive to force tribe to leave forest

  • January 22, 2012 18:33

news.infoshop.org – Loggers in Brazil captured an eight-year-old girl from one of the Amazon’s last uncontacted tribes and burned her alive as part of a campaign to force the indigenous population from its land, reports claimed on Tuesday night.
The child was said to have wandered away from her village, where around 60 members of the Awá tribe live in complete isolation from the modern world, and fallen into the hands of the loggers.
Luis Carlos Guajajaras, a local leader from a separate tribe, told a Brazilian news website that they tied to her a tree and set her alight as a warning to other natives, who live in a protected reserve in the north-eastern state of Maranhão .
“She was from another tribe, they live deep in the jungle, and have no contact with the outside world. It would have been the first time she had ever seen white men. We heard that they laughed as they burned her to death,” he said.
Reports of the killing, which was said to have happened in October or November last year, were seconded by the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI), a Catholic group which said it had seen footage of her charred remains.
A spokesman for the Brazil’s Indian Affairs Department said the government was urgently investigating the claims.
Huge iron ore deposits and valuable timber have encouraged mining and logging companies to enter the forests of Maranhão despite laws designed to protect the few remaining uncontacted tribes, often leading to violent clashes.
Around 450 tribes people have were murdered in Brazil between 2003 and 2010, according to figures from CIMI.
Survival International, a charity for tribal groups, warned that a third of the Awá’s land had already been destroyed and that their nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle was being threatened as animals fled in the face of the approaching logging companies.

Intellectual Property Mafia

  • January 20, 2012 16:03

Intellectual property mafia is just part of corporate mafia in USA (and other capitalist countries). In the newest example we can see how function American ”democracy”, how congressmen are corrupted by different corporate mafioso. Lobbying is nothing else than corruption and entertainment industry is corrupting politicians in order to make the law in their interests. The fact is that movie and music industry is really full of money, they are so rich that they can’t spend all the money they have, but they are hungry for more. Will they really get more if they limit poor people from poor countries to watch movies without to pay? They just make presumptions that people will pay for watching movie if online piracy is stopped. That’s totally wrong, if I can not watch it online for free, I will not watch it at all. It is good to compare budget and profit for movies before 10 or 20 years and budgets and profit today and you will see how much they are greedy. For example, the production budgets of  Marvel films (The spider-man, Thor, X-Men, Iron-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America…) were all relatively close to one another, average per-film $160 million, the average total primary revenue per film is $525-585 million, profit per movie is $365-425 million.  In 1997, the average American film cost fifteen million euros, was nearly hundred percent privately financed, grossed 58 million euros, and reached 10.5 million persons (Dale, 1997). (Click below on Continue Reading)

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

  • December 26, 2011 22:12

Capitalism is functional, but for whom? For riches, surely not for poor. In 1982 there were 13 billionaires in the USA, in 1983…15; in 1984…12; in 1985…13; in 1986…26; in 1987…49…By 1989, the number had risen precipitously to 82. And by 1990, the Forbes survey reported the staggering total of 99. The Hurun Rich List 2011 contains 271 Chinese people with fortunes over $1 billion, an increase of more than 40 percent from last year. The 271 dollar billionaires have more than doubled in number since being only 130 in 2009. The 2010 edition of Forbes 400 Richest Americans found 385 billionaires in the US. The richest 1% own virtually all of the media, and have little difficulty controlling the content and coloration of television and newspaper information reaching the public. Facts that would have exposed the true nature of present day America rarely get presented through newspapers or television. Instead, they surface in magazines such as the Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Insight, and The Wall Street Journal which are read almost exclusively by the economic elite and their sympathizers.
For many families in the United States, this Christmas they were not spending at home. No, they are not off at a beach resort or on a skiing vacation. An ever-rising number of American children is spending Christmas on the streets, in a shelter, in their car, or in a cheap motel that they may no longer be able to afford tomorrow. Child homelessness in the United States has increased 38 percent since 2007 and last year there were 1.6 million homeless children in the country.
It is clear that powerful and “richest nation” America is powerful for riches and not for poor. Poor people have no profit from war and military industry, trillions of Dollars are spent for war and war industry and for spying and after all that stupid spending, there are 1,6 million children homeless. In a report issued earlier this month, the National Center on Family Homelessness, based in Needham, Massachusetts, said 1.6 million children were living on the streets of the United States last year or in shelters, motels and doubled-up with other families. That marked a 38 percent jump in child homelessness since 2007. The data showed also that about 48 percent of Americans are living in poverty or on low incomes. The poverty level for a family of four was set at income anywhere below $24,343 per year. A lot of children are dependent on poverty-stricken single moms. Highlighting the shrinking middle class in America, a reporter found Tracy and Elizabeth Burger and their 8-year-old son, Dylan. The Burgers said they once earned nearly $100,000 a year combined but saw their middle-class lifestyle evaporate when Tracy lost his job in audiovisual system sales. Unable to pay rent, they were evicted from their apartment in early 2009 and had to move into a motel. In March they moved into a cramped converted garage at Elizabeth’s mother’s house in Los Angeles. Here is a video from Seattle.

Western political police finance Nazis

  • December 18, 2011 19:40

What do you think, who financed German Nazi Trio who killed 9 immigrants in different German cities? Who else than German political police (Der Thüringer Verfassungsschutz). Zwickau Nazi got 2000 DM (1000 Eur today) before eleven years to buy fake passports. NPD functionary Tino Brandt got job from political police to forward money to Nazi and he did it through middle man. They speak now like that to clean themselves, they say they wanted to catch them and therefore they financed buying of passports but because of giving them money through middle man, they lost them and Nazi stayed free. Stupid story, of course, Nazi were financed all the time willingly by political police, Nazis are right hand of civilian and military intelligence everywhere, German political police financed them because they killed eight Turkish and one Greek (most of them were owners of small food shops). In addition, the Nazi Trio is responsible for nail-bomb attack in Cologne in 2004 and the police murder in Heilbronn in 2007. 2 Nazis killed themselves this year and one 36 years old woman is arrested and 4 supporters. Former president of political police (1994-2000) was suspended long time ago because former NPD chef Thomas Daniel worked for him and got 25 000 DM “for information” and he used that money to finance fascist propaganda. Hein Fromm is now president of political police and shit continue.
It is so in every country. Serbian fascists are financed by military intelligence, Breivik in Norway was also fascist and political police let him to kill people, Danish fascist political police make shit for immigrants, and so on. Swedish queen comes also from Nazi family, she was under influence of her father.
By the way, two sellers from Senegal are killed before several days in Italy, therefore there were protests against racism this weekend in Italy. Nazi idiot killed himself when he saw that police will arrest him. Of course, political police surely knew what he planed to do but they didn’t stop him.

The only good cop is a dead cop

  • November 1, 2011 10:22

In Serbia, only Milošević is changed, whole system stayed the same, new president is ruling autocratic (parliament is there for fun, one person decide everything). After winning presidential elections, Tadić kept his position of chef of political party which has majority in parliament and in that way he rules in parliament (he creates government, he decide what parliament will decide, etc). Everything the same as Milošević. Dačić is minister of police and he was right hand of Milošević, police is happy, they can continue to beat people. First they beat you, after that they ask you for name and later they will decide if you did anything criminal. So, you are beaten just because there is suspicion that you broke the law. Therefore people in Serbia hate cops and some people kill cops. Of course, media kiss in ass pro-western government and they don’t publish information about breaking of human rights as they did it in the time of Milosevic (they don’t get money from the west anymore, now fascists from the west say that Serbia is democratic and they misuse it to deport immigrants). In 2008 Milorad Stevanović drove car over a traffic police officer who tried to stop him. It is natural rebellion against control imposed by the state against society. These days was finishing his court process and he was unlucky that last week 2 times people killed cops, so, all medias were full of institutional demands for bigger prison punishments. Milorad Stevanović got sentence of 20 years, it is maximum for people who are young adults (18,19 years old) in the time of killing. His defense was that he didn’t see cop but only he knows what is the truth, judge didn’t accept such defense. Serbian prisons are like in the middle age, so, his health will be damaged in any case after 20 years of prison. And the worst is that directors of prisons are always former police inspectors. Therefore rules in prisons are created by cops and they find idiots who like privileges and they realize cop rules in prisons. As I said, these days, more cops are killed. One cop was killed while another was injured on Sunday when a hand grenade was activated in a village in northern Serbia. A drunken 36-year-old man was reported by a family member for “demolishing furniture” in his parent’s home. When the police arrived at the scene, the man threw a hand grenade at them, killing the 39-year-old officer. Again I must say, people will rather die than to finish arrested, because of beating by police. Maybe better word is torture, people are not so afraid from classic beating, but it is humiliating when you can’t protect yourself, they handcuff you and then they torture you several hours. Beating is fight with hands, torture is when you can’t protect yourself and they beat you with baseball stick, for example. Cops are psycho idiots who participated in war and they are not normal people. They beat people at demonstrations million times. They are also separated from society, nobody is friend with them, if they have friends outside of cop milieu, it is just for benefits. Some older people make friendship with cops to have some benefits (destroying of paper for traffic offense, for example). People in Serbia have adage: The only good cop is a dead cop.

Arm trade

  • October 20, 2011 10:54

Miracle happened, Amnesty International finally began to do their job. Before 10 days they called Canada to arrest George Bush (for war crimes) when he visit Canada to make some speech. Now they publish report about selling weapons by Swiss and other countries. Amnesty International looked into arms deliveries done after 2005 by European countries. The organization found out that the main suppliers of arms were the US, Britain, Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. However, neutral Switzerland also appears on the list. Between 2006 and 2010, Switzerland sold war material to Egypt for a total amount of 6.07 million francs ($6.7 million), of which 4.48 million ($5.3 million) were in handguns. In the case of Bahrain, the Alpine country has sold small caliber weapons to Bahrain for a total of 293,000 francs ($326,000). The organization complained however that, unlike France or Spain, Switzerland continued selling weapons to Bahrain even after the popular uprising started. “It’s money and short-sightedness ahead of the rule of law and respect for human rights,” said Brian Wood, manager of arms control at Amnesty. Some of the Swiss ammunition also ended up in the hands of the Libyan revolutionaries, according to a Swiss television report in July. The case, confirmed by Amnesty International, talks about bullets produced by the state-owned company RUAG. It is thought that the ammunition originates from 2009, when Switzerland sold 1.85 million francs ($2.3 million) worth of ammunition to Qatar. Last year, Swiss weapons-makers made deals with the gulf state worth over half a million francs. But this was not enough according to Green party MP and member of a security policy committee of the Swiss parliament, Joseph Lang. He has been calling for a ban on Swiss arms exports to the Middle East and North Africa since the ‘Arab spring’ started. “The Swiss Constitution has some principles written, such as sending aid to developing countries, fostering human rights and helping peace processes, but then Switzerland sends weapons to the same very places,” he said in a 2010 interview. “It is not only stupid but also a contradiction,” he added.
I would add that Serbia is not anything better, politicians make shit, especially minister of defense. In 2008 Serbian military exports were worth $200m. Last year they brought in twice that sum (not including a $400m contract, signed in November, to build three arms factories in Algeria). Yugoimport-SDPR, the trading arm for six of Serbia’s main producers, says sales have been growing by 30% a year since 2002. Minister of defense says Serbia is close to signing a $500m agreement to build a military hospital in at least one Arab country. He also hopes to win a $400m contract to modernize 149 M-84 tanks that Yugoslavia exported to Kuwait in 1991. The M-84 was assembled in Croatia from components made throughout Yugoslavia. If Serbia wins the Kuwait contract, says Minister, some of the work will probably be shared between Bosnian, Croatian and Slovene companies. This minister says that defense sales are the country’s fastest-growing industry after agriculture. Guns are also worth rather more than raspberries.


  • October 2, 2011 14:23

“Fear, Inc.” Exposes the So-Called Experts and Donors Behind Islamophobia in the United States. My opinion is that donors are rich because they do dirty jobs for FBI/CIA.

Fascist political police and their methods

  • September 16, 2011 09:38

If you ask yourself how it is possible that Breivik in Norway killed so many people, answer is very simple: political police spy immigrants and Muslims, they don’t spy their domestic fascist citizens. Even if they had information they are also fascists so they didn’t want to stop that Breivik kills so called leftists. Although for me, there is no difference (except rhetorical one) between left and right political parties. The both of them persecute immigrants. Danish fascist rats also (I call them Gestapo) produce problems in private life of immigrants. Before 2 weeks they tried to set me up girl who is “interested for me”, she study medicine and maybe she would even have sex with me just to spy and get career and money from political police. She gave me her phone number Monday evening, already Tuesday morning all rats had information what’s happen between me and her. When I saw that lower ranked rats know everything already next morning, I concluded it is all planned by fascist political police. After 10 days I visited medicine library and rats called her to come. She told me earlier she visits other library so I didn’t expect her to be in this one, obviously rats called her to come. I saw that several girls in the library watch in me, not like girls watch man than like rats. So, I saw that I am surrounded with rats. When I went out from library, I was driving bike when one idiot stopped me with his car and he made conflict with me because I didn’t give sign with hand when I drove in the street on the right side. It was small verbal conflict but you never know what can be happen so I left my bag and bike and was ready to protect myself. First he spoke from the car and then he went out from the car. I thought it is just one crazy man who has nothing smarter to do than to make shit to the people who ride bikes, but in 20 minutes 3 times cars cut my line when I ride my bike, so, I concluded it is not accident than repeated behavior of rats. They follow me with bikes and cars and they make shit. Then I remembered Breivik, he killed people without problem and during that time political police was busy with following and producing problems for immigrants. Crazy Gestapo. Today again in 10 minutes 3 times people with bikes and cars cut my line of driving. They know where I will drive after breakfast and they cut my line. The same happened more times when I run/jogging around the lake but to go in your line when you run is not so big problem like when you ride bike. And there is one more student girl, I saw her 20 times in one week, where I am there she is and now I should believe it is just accident and not setup by political police. Crazy idiots corrupt girls with promise about career and money if they have sex and spy. Fuj! In any case, with gun and gps/gsm jammer, I can solve problem with anyone who follow me and beside it when I change country I will not have problem with Gestapo anymore. Problem is only I can’t buy gun or anything else from criminals who can’t hide anything from political police. What they know, Gestapo will know. For example if I have money to buy documents, I would spend money for nothing because Gestapo would get information and I could just put docs in the garbage, docs would be useless. Whatever I buy it must be outside of Denmark. Gestapo don’t touch their domestic criminals, they make problems only for immigrants and Muslims. When I change country I will not have problem with Gestapo anymore. For example, German political police will not care if immigrant steal cloths in the store, but Danish will do everything to make shit for immigrant although they will not touch their domestic junkie who does the same thing. They are really crazy, possibly because Pia Kjersgaard control how much money they will get from budget and they do everything to secure her policy against immigrants (to make propaganda against immigrants, to imprison and deport more and more immigrants, etc). One thing is sure, they don’t secure society, they secure politics of politicians.

State killers: American paramilitary

  • September 4, 2011 20:00

Written on the basis of Washington Post article which is written on the basis of book ”Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State”. In this book, reporters Dana Priest and William Arkin uncover the enormous size, shape, mission, and consequences of this invisible universe of over 1,300 government facilities in every state in America; nearly 2,000 outside companies used as contractors; and more than 850,000 people granted “Top Secret” security clearance.  (Click below “Continue Reading …”)

How US firms profited from torture flights

  • September 2, 2011 19:54

British Guardian, and many other newspapers, published article about dirty and criminal behavior of CIA. Many European countries are mixed also in this criminal behavior. It is about dirty flights which private airplane companies did for CIA when CIA kidnapped and tortured people. It shows us also what EU/USA governments are ready to do against supposed enemies of governments, yesterday they did it to Muslims, tomorrow they can do it to any of us. Governments and spies are enemies of society. Spies help to the government to do something criminal and to keep it secret and as we can see in the article, they pay private companies to do dirty job for them. Here is interactive graphic which show Flight Network. To read the article, which is copy/pasted from www.guardian.co.uk you can click below “Continue Reading…”

Crazy fascists in Denmark exposed

  • August 17, 2011 13:37

I read about this before one week in Copenhagen Post, Danish news in English, here it is, copy-paste. Some people are really crazy.

Secret anti-immigration group exposed
Police officer misused position to compile database of ‘national traitors’
A secret anti-immigration network called ORG that is seeking to cleanse Denmark of immigrants and has ties to current and former members of the Danish People’s Party was exposed yesterday by Politiken.
The newspaper also revealed how a police officer who belonged to the group had compiled a database of left-wing political opponents, using information from the crime register, civil registration system (CPR) and the police database of ongoing investigations.
While the police officer was convicted in 2009 only of misusing the databases, evidence suggests that the man, identified only as PUJ, was also a leading member of ORG.
The revelations have come about from secret internal documents handed to Politiken by Redox, a left-wing research group who claimed the information came from a source within ORG.
The documents included copies of correspondence sent between June 2008 and October 2010 over ORG’s secure internet forum, ORG-Int.
While ORG’s leader, Jesper Nielsen, declined to be interviewed by Politiken for the article, the network did release a statement explaining the secrecy was intended as a way to protect members from attacks.
“The association/organisation ORG is a closed network established in a time when physical attacks and violent assaults from undemocratic forces in connection with public meetings about immigration critical topics were the political reality in Denmark,” the statement read.
Poul Lindholm Jensen, party secretary from the Danish People’s Party, confirmed that Nielsen had been a member of the party leadership in the city of Aarhus, while another ORG member had stood for parliament for the party, though both no longer had formal ties to it.
Other major exposures from the documents include information revealing how a member of ORG in 2009 began photographic surveillance of political opponents from the left wing.
“A patriot has offered to be available day and night – ready to move out onto the streets to capture those who impede the national work,” wrote Nielsen on the ORG-Int forum.
The surveillance of political opponents – which ORG refers to as ‘national traitors’ – was being compiled into a database called The Big Memory which it intended to share with other anti-immigration groups such as the Danish Association (Den Danske Forening), an organisation Nielsen has served as the chairman of.
But the current Den Danske Forening chairman, Ole Hasselbalch, denied that ORG had sinister motives..
“I have known for many years that they have been having meetings, one of which I attended, and I can’t see the problem with it,” he told Jyllands Posten newspaper.
“Young people in Aarhus have been meeting for years in coffee clubs where they can talk together about immigration without interference from the public.”
Politiken acknowledged that the information handed to it by Redox may have been obtained through computer hacking as part of the organisation’s attempts at surveillance of the political right-wing – but despite investigation by domestic intelligence agency PET, no charges have so far been brought.